About Tanganyika Wilderness Camps

Tloma Lodge showing its gardens and swimming pool

Tanganyika Wilderness Camps presents a unique collection of Permanent Tented Camps, Mobile Camping and Lodges in Tanzania.

Our properties are all situated in private areas of exceptional natural beauty, rich in wildlife and inhabited by spectacular local tribes and a farm at the foot of the Ngorongoro Crater. The main aim of Tanganyika Wilderness Camps is to provide our clients with a highly memorable safari experience in exclusive camps and lodges, which offer an atmosphere of privacy and intimate isolation.

We also offer a selection of African Safari Tours of Tanzania, allowing us to bring out the best of our country, lodges and camps. This offers the traveller a good cross-section of African safari game drives while enjoying the country at large.

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Our Commitment

Lake Masek Tented Camp

We are committed to the long-term conservation of the environment and wildlife in Tanzania. It is very active supporting local schools and different environmental projects, managing donations from guests and contributing to the management of school projects. TWC works closely with the local communities in order to help improve the living conditions of the people.

It's not possible to develop any projects in Africa without partnering with the local communities. We strongly believe that the long-term conservation of wildlife in Africa will only be possible if the local people are directly involved in the projects and directly benefit from them.

As a result of this policy, we have established local joint ventures such as the creation of very efficient anti-poaching units. In each area our efforts are also strongly directed to the improvement of the schooling conditions, and last but not least, we have provided several villages with fresh water.